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14th-Jun-2015 01:10 am - Me & A.j. fix my house!

Poster tubes

Take down art 1 mo out
Jimmy dean sausage and gravy

Peppy projects
Break down boxes

4th-May-2015 11:30 pm - tw: fatshaming, racism
Today when I saw a slide on the gym screen that said "fatness [sic] contributes to these cancers" I (cried and then) had a good talk with my gym manager about how fatshaming harms instead of helps and then marched out in my too-tight T-shirt and worked out.

Today when I was reading the list of suggested names for the new UND mascot (formerly the Fighting Sioux) and got to "7th Cavalry - because the Indians won again" I stopped reading and deleted the file to make sure I wouldn't go back.

Today I promised myself I'd do one load of laundry (no underwear) and one load of dishes (no forks) and I did both those things.

Today I'm going to be in bed with the lights out at midnight, so I better get going. :)

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15th-Apr-2015 11:12 pm - dooooooooone
that is all.

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actual thing I said to someone just now: "Next year I'll enter that same info and the dependent care thing will show up on your W-2 and the computer will do magic things and it will be lovely."

I have a license and everything, people.

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12th-Apr-2015 03:54 pm - ticket for sale!
I have a Section 107 Row 8 ticket for sale for the 4/19 #Blackhawks playoff game, $450. I will be out of town (*moan*). If you know anyone who's interested, send them my way!

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Uh, no, ma'am. American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. I first came to Chicago on the trail of a good CPA exam study guide, and for reasons that...don't need exploring at this juncture, I've remained, attached as liaison between the world of fangirls and their taxing jurisdictions.

...don't accrue anything.


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Who needs a CPA?
Well, you're never gonna get her
Who needs a CPA?
Tell me, what's that for
Who needs a CPA?
Be happy with Jackson Hewitt
Celli's busy doing taxes from the Second World War

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24th-Mar-2015 10:39 pm - 21 days til Tax Day on the wall
21 days til Tax Day
Take one down
Shred it with proper security
20 days til Tax Day on the wall...

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25th-Oct-2014 12:12 pm - 2014 Dear Yuletide Author
Hello Author! I am so sorry I was late on this. My life's been hectic lately. Hopefully you got most of what you needed from my prompts, are a procrastinator like me, or forgive easily.

The short and the long of it: I love AUs of any kind, will follow you in any crazy direction you want to go, think more fictional characters should make out in front of me, and am SUPER EXCITED you're writing one of these fandoms for me. I can't read non/dubcon or infidelity. I don't like reading one-sided violence against women, but if she has agency and can fight back I will watch ladies kick ass til the cows come home.

Request 1 by celli
Fandom: Women's Hockey RPF
Shannon Szabados (Women's Hockey RPF)
I'd love to see a story where Shannon is playing for one of the NHL teams - whether it's an AU where she got drafted or a futurefic where she works her way up from the Cottonmouths.

My favorite goalies, if you want to find a BFF/pairing for her: *Corey Crawford, Carey Price, Noora Räty.

Other ideas welcome! Shannon falls in love with an American hockey player (f/f or m/f), forcing them to sneak around because Canada. An AU where she breaks into NASCAR! An interior monologue while she's on the ice!

*I don't want to break Yuletide rules by asking you to focus on the Hawks. She could be a Chicago Wolves or Rockford Ice Hogs player instead, maybe?

I don't have much to add to this. Feel free to bring in any other hockey players you want, and go wild! Or Wild! I trust you.

Request 2 by celli
Fandom: The Thrilling Adventure Hour
Amelia Earhart (TAH)Abby AdamsSummary
Abby and Amelia are my TAH OTP - only a few inches behind Frank and Sadie! I love their pre-mission banter.

Things I'd love to see in a story about them:

* romaaaaance
* friendship!
* Abby coming on a mission
* "crossovers" with other TAH stories
* any other TAH characters of your choice
* Amelia punching "Hitler," a la Captain America
* Amelia on the sidelines while Abby time travels

My squee for this fandom cannot be textually rendered. Some of my other fave TAH characters are Dorothy Parker (SMASH), Jib Janeen, and Sadie Sadie Sadie. Feel free to stick with just the Earhart canon or mix and match at will.

Request 3 by celli
Fandom: Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold
Cordelia Naismith Vorkosigan
The omnibus of Cordelia's Honor (Shards of Honor and Barrayar) is my favorite of all the books, and they're great books. I would really like to see more stuff written in that part of her life: her experiences in Survey before she meets Aral, more of their time together before she got pregnant, early days with Gregor and/or Miles, her first visit back to Beta.

If none of that resonates with you, just go for: Cordelia being awesome and making everyone around her better.

I am slightly less interested in world-changing AUs here, although still cool. I just...you know, she had to change her style so much, I'd love to see more early!her, before she got so good at it. Anything with Aral or Gregor especially. I missed those bits from the books. :)

Thank you!!!

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23rd-Jul-2014 10:46 pm - Hey my buddies!
Bday party:

At @hq_chicago 2833 N Sheffield
Sunday 7/27 2-6 PM Come/go whenever!
Gifts ok but not, NOT, req'd

Just in case you didn't see it in any of the other places I posted it. :)

And just to let you know that I'm not any less myself at 39...last night I stubbed the crap out of one foot and today one toe is super gross bruised. So if anyone needs me I'll be over here icing my toe. Of course.

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